New artist: The Jabbercrow.


Musomic. The comic building app.

At Musomic we are proud to present this very special pack of images brought to you by creator/illustrator Tom Digby-Rogers. Here are some words from this most talented of folk.

“Watercolour comics are definitely the way forward! I’m Tom, foremost champion of the watercolour comic, albeit in a self-taught, quiet fashion. I’ve been working on “the Jabbercrow” for more years than I’d care to reveal, but have only recently started to publish it! The plot centres around 12 cities who are forced to fight each other in ritual war every half-century, all in the name of their gods. Victory brings wealth, prestige and divine favour while the defeated are forced to languish in poverty. With the next war fast approaching, the imprisoned Badger King struggles to escape, hoping to disprove the allegations of madness made against him in order to reclaim his throne from the treacherous regent. With only a scarecrow…

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