Chapter 14


Chapter 14 of the Jabbercrow.

Addicus and Uly are waging war on the Vandal crime gang in an effort to curry favour with one of their rivals. Once they’ve learned their place in one of the other three gangs, they will finally be able to travel to Upper Worval to meet with Addicus’ godfather.

Meanwhile Rufus has regained consciousness following the explosion at Glurron’s tower. Coming to in unfamiliar environs, Rufus is struggling to make sense of previous events.

On a non-plot note, back from 3 days at London MCM Comic-Con – thoroughly amazing experience (as ever). So many thanks for those who picked up a book or three, as well as those who stopped by for a chat about watercolours, frame composition and the merit of doing a comic book about a badger king – CHEERS!


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